Whether building infrastructure, delivering equipment or providing maintenance services, work in utilities oriented industries is very challenging. Concerns regarding remote and often inaccessible locations, safety, cumbersome procedures and reporting are all factors that can stifle productivity and cause unnecessary headaches.  Kinesis provides a level of control that makes things easier to manage with complete and real time visibility of staff and equipment. Our solution also allows you to dynamically respond to any changing situation and show when your operatives started work, or when they arrived or departed from site; all backed with an audit trail of data for KPI monitoring.


Improve customer service

Provide faster, more reactive responses backed with live Estimates Time of Arrival and job updates.

Proof of service

Tracking logs and job completion reports deliver indisputable proof of service performance.

Optimise mobile resources

Use analytics to make the best use of your resources, improve productivity, and increase profit.

Enhance security

Monitor unauthorised vehicle and plant movements, reconcile fuel card purchases.

Reduce risks

Track lone workers and monitor driving behaviours to reduce risks and ensure compliance.

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