Why Choose Kinesis?

Kinesis is a unique telematics vehicle tracking and asset management solution. For over 25 years, we have listened to our customers' needs, and delivered solutions for the four key areas of fleet management: Control, Safety, Cost and Security.

Discover how Kinesis helps businesses manage their vehicles more efficiently.


Manage vehicles and drivers more efficiently

Kinesis helps you track and control everything your vehicles do. You can see exactly where your vehicles are and how many miles they’ve done. This means you can provide customers with accurate delivery times and help improve the efficiency of your routes. Just some of the ways Kinesis Telematics helps your business become more efficient and gain a competitive edge.

Every day your business vehicles have a job to do, in a certain place, at a certain time. Our powerful vehicle tracking system automatically alerts you if vehicles are being driven outside of working hours, or they stray out of preset areas. It’s an easy way to stay in control and make sure your vehicles are always where they need to be.

Kinesis Telematics can track everything your drivers do, from the way they drive to the routes they take. By using our GPS technology to stay in complete control, you can stamp out speeding and harsh braking that drain excessive fuel, or help re-route drivers onto more cost-effective routes. It’s never been easier to control your vehicle costs and become more efficient.

Did you know? Improving driver behavior can reduce wear and tear on vehicles, helping resale values.


Keep your business on the road; protect your drivers and their vehicles

Our real-time mapping technology can help your drivers to discover and avoid traffic hotspots before they reach them. Also, should the worst happen and your vehicle is involved in an accident, our vehicle tracking system can help you and the emergency services pinpoint exactly where it happened, to speed up response times.

Kinesis GPS tracking lets you monitor everything your vehicles do, so you can keep your lone drivers safe. You can see exactly where your vehicles are 24/7, how long they’ve been on the road, and how many miles they’ve travelled, so you can make sure your drivers are staying within legal limits.

Kinesis can track driver performance, including potentially dangerous acceleration or harsh braking. By paying close attention to the way your vehicles are driven, Kinesis arms you with the information you need to encourage your drivers to adopt a safer, and more cost effective, driving style.

Did you know? Unlike many of our competitors, we don’t tie you into long term contracts.


Drive towards improved efficiency with lower fuel bills

Kinesis telematics tracks everything your vehicles do. This means we can identify speeding, harsh braking, or other types of aggressive driving which tend to drain more fuel than usual. Use the information you get from Kinesis to educate your drivers, incentivize them to adapt their driving style, and reduce fuel costs by more than 20%.

Not all vehicle usage is for business purposes. From weekend usage to more serious issues with employees potentially moonlighting, your fuel costs can add up. Kinesis can protect you, by providing alerts when a company vehicle is active outside of business hours.

By tracking your drivers, you will be able to identify bad driving habits that could have the ability to damage your vehicles. Being able to pick up on these behaviors quickly will enable you to prevent unnecessary wear and tear, keeping vehicles in much better condition. Ensuring safer driving allows you to avoid significant costs and reduces risk of collisions and claims.

Did you know? Kinesis provides free lifetime upgrades and dedicated support. We grow with you.


Enjoy peace of mind 24/7 with our fleet management system

Every day your business vehicles have a job to do, in a certain place, at a certain time. To make sure your vehicles are always where they need to be, our powerful vehicle tracking system automatically alerts you if they’re being driven outside of working hours.

Kinesis mapping technology tracks everything your vehicles do. This means you can see exactly where your vehicles are 24/7, giving you insight into how far they are from the next job, or how many miles they’ve covered, and their current status. Enjoy total peace of mind that your vehicles are safe, secure and where they should be.

Geofencing allows businesses to easily create virtual zones. This can trigger an alert when the vehicles approach a destination, are near a restricted area or enter a predefined zone, such as a depot or head office. This allows maximum control over your vehicles and the peace of mind knowing you will receive an alert for any activity which is of interest to you.

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