New Journey History Updates!

We’ve made some changes to our Journey History feature to give you more power, here’s a quick summary.

Journey History:

• The search criteria has been updated on the table to streamline everything into a simple, easy-to-use view. You can now search for what you need more efficiently.

• We’ve optimised what you see from an individual journey, now you’ll be able to show and hide specific drivers by selecting ‘All Drivers’ on the main menu.

Journey Playback:

• From a single playback window, you can repeat an entire day’s activity from start to finish.

• Every journey will be allocated with a number to help you distinguish one trip from another.

• Hide or show specific events to hone in on counterproductive driving behaviours such as speeding or idling.

Daily Utilisation:

• You’ll notice that the Daily Utilisation report is no longer placed within the Journey History feature, we’ve moved this to a more convenient place. It can now be accessed as part of the Kinesis Reports area of Velocity.

• To make things simpler, you can switch the report between drivers and dates. The flexibility is designed to be more beneficial to the way information can be consumed.

• You’re also able to change the search parameters from within the table view.

Live Map:

• Get a journey history overview by selecting the vehicle pin option from the Live Map screen.

Mobile App:

• We appreciate how busy you are, so we’ve enhanced the Kinesis Mobile App to enable managers to review the journeys drivers have taken via a custom date range.

• As opposed to pre-set titles, we’ve gone one further to give you the opportunity to select data from a precise date range and to help effortlessly generate reports.

Got any questions? Our experts are here to help. Give us a call on 0344 880 3468.