Easy monitoring of essential assets every day

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Easy monitoring of essential assets every day

neon helps you monitor and locate your assets wherever they are

Losing track of valuable or business critical assets like machinery, vehicles, plant and equipment can cost you money to replace, time to recover, loss of customer trade or even all three!

With neon asset tracking we provide a small discreet device that you can attach or hide on almost anything, giving you daily location monitoring alerts.

Powerful reporting software and stronger visibility of your asset’s whereabouts gives small and large fleets greater control to help create more operational efficiency within your business.

neon helps you monitor and locate your assets wherever they are

Designed for simplicity to get the most out of neon

Daily GPS location updates

Battery powered - no wires

Easy to use software on PC, mobile or tablet

No install required

3 year battery life

SIM card and mobile data cost included

Global location coverage

Small and discreet device

Waterproof IP67 rated enclosure available

Looking for vehicle tracking?

  • Self install devices
  • Vehicle and driver performance
  • Advanced fleet telematics
Looking for vehicle tracking?

Easily locate all of your assets, no matter their size or type


• Sport cars
• Personal vehicles
• Quad bikes
• Go Karts
• Motorbikes
• Electric Vehicles
• Boats
• Campervans
• Caravans

Plant and Construction

• Excavators
• Dumpers
• Electric saws
• Compressors
• Trailers
• Cranes
• Portable traffic lights
• Telehandlers
• Fork lifts

Agriculture and Farming

• Tractors
• Cultivators
• Ploughs
• Trailers & wagons
• Harvesters
• Sprayers
• Balers
• Sprayers
• Seeders


• Fleet and tool hire
• Skips and Bins
• Porta-loos and welfare
• Shipping containers
• Event and catering
• Landscaping
• Solar Panels
• Industrial cleaning
• Airport machinery

Can't see your asset above?

Give us a call and we can advise. With over 15 years asset tracking experience and the widest range of tracking services we will help you find the right solution

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Small and discreet, neon trackers can be fitted anywhere!

neon is our smallest and most discreet tracker yet. Smaller than a matchbox and powered by an internal battery with a 3 year life, neon can be fitted anywhere on either powered or non-powered assets.

neon provides a single location alert per day, so you can keep track of assets and inventory from wherever you are.

Available with an additional casing, neon can offer IP67 waterproof rating for use on most outdoor conditions

Small and discreet, neon trackers can be fitted anywhere!

Keep track of your assets wherever you are on PC, tablet or mobile

Our asset tracking platform has been designed to look great and be easy to use.

The default view allows you to see all your assets in one place with last known location, using icons to define the type of asset being tracked.

Screen views can be customised by selecting widget anywhere on the page and resize them to get the perfect layout. You can have as many layouts as you want, to represent different teams or the jobs you want to perform.

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