Vehicle Check – Defect Management

A new dashboard has been created within Velocity Vehicle Check for managing vehicle defects!

What is the Defect Management Dashboard?

What is the Defect Management Dashboard?

The dashboard holds the status of any fault or incident recorded by your drivers through the Vehicle Check mobile app

Initially these faults/incidents are logged with a workflow status of 'Reported' and an alert is sent to let you know this fault or incident has been added!

You can go in and edit the workflow status as the repair is completed so you have an up to date and accurate log - you could even provide your mechanic or engineer with a log in so they can update the status as they work on your vehicles.

Each time the workflow status is update, a new alert is sent.

Once the vehicle is recorded as 'Fixed' the 'Fixed Date' column will automatically update.

The Defect Management dashboard comes free with Vehicle Check so also carries over the 'Severity' level you set within Vehicle Check - allowing you to keep up to date with all of your vehicles and their current status easily and effectively!