New Feature – Record ODO Readings

Drivers can now submit their vehicles odometer reading via the mobile app at the same time as submitting the completed vehicle checks.

This option is presented once the interior and exterior question sets of the Vehicle Check have been completed and is an optional feature.

It will then be shown in the ‘Manage Vehicles’ section of Vehicle Check to allow you to keep on top of vehicle servicing.

Edit ODO Readings

Edit ODO Readings

Under ‘Settings’ > ‘Kinesis Telematics’ > ‘Manage Devices’ there is now a new field titled ‘ODO Reading’

You are able to manually input the odometer reading for each vehicle via this section of Velocity.

If the device is linked with a fuel card and the ODO reading is kept up to date, fuel efficiency can be reported on through the ‘Vehicle Performance’ section in Kinesis.