From helping you to get more done in less time to ensuring vehicles are compliant and safe, here’s how telematics from Kinesis can positively impact your business.

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Fuel Savings

One of the first products on the market to fully integrate fuel card data with telematics, Kinesis provides accurate KM/L reporting to help inform smarter fleet management decision making. By knowing exactly how vehicles have been driven and the length of the routes taken, management can identify where savings can be made.

Increased Efficiency

Our solution provides an ability to communicate more effectively for improved planning and reduced mileage. By getting a holistic view of the routes your drivers are taking, diversions can be put in place to steer drivers away from delay that can impact dispatch and deliver.

  • Enhanced planning
  • Reduction of fuel cost and mileage
  • A restriction of vehicle downtime
  • Decreased administration burden
  • Resourceful communication between driver and office
Increased Efficiency

Customer Service

Unlike other providers, our telematics system updates every 30 seconds. Having this much visibility over your fleet presents an opportunity to deliver increased insight to customers. If a job comes in, managers have the power to take a look at the system and deploy the closest vehicle (or assign it to the best driver with the skills that are needed to get the job done).

  • Inform customers of potential delays
  • Be alerted to vehicle activity
  • Provide evidence of the time and date of attempted deliveries
  • Provide better insight into location
Customer Service


Do you know how your vehicles are being driven once they leave the depot? With telematics, managers are able to monitor driver behaviour and see where improvements can be made. The insight provided by Kinesis arms an organisation with a plethora of data and reports that can be utilised to create effective driver training.

  • Get the full picture of the strengths and weaknesses of your team.
  • Obtain reports for full insight into driving behaviours
  • Drastically improve the safety of drivers and other road users
  • Evidence a duty of care with robust training and feedback
  • Thwart fatigue and defend against illegal driving practices


Kinesis was designed to make it easier for both drivers and fleet managers to ensure all business vehicles are legally compliant and safe to drive. The system allows for the identification of issues before they become problematic to ensure every vehicle is roadworthy.

  • Easily undertake daily vehicle checks to ensure roadworthiness
  • Replace traditional hand-completed cards and eliminate paperwork
  • Alert workshop to defects that require attention
  • Real-time and paper-free reporting


Dave Kirby Couriers

Dave Kirby Couriers transport everything from passports to bottles of beer throughout the UK, Ireland and continental Europe. With 17 vehicles all tracked by Kinesis, the company invested in telematics in 2016 and gained an unparalleled insight into fleet activity.

Prior to the arrival of Kinesis, I was on the phone asking where drivers were. But with the system in place, we get increased visibility and so much more. It offers us everything we want at the right price and I would recommend it to any company that has a fleet.” – Andrew Philip Dennis, Accounts Director

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